So it Begins

The winter storm is blowing in! What a change from this morning. I stomped out in bibs first thing and immediately overheated, it was so balmy out.

We spent the morning shuffling cows and yearlings up north, corralling the yearlings for the storm and moving the cows about 2 miles into the calving pasture. It was beautiful weather, only starting to get chilly when we got close to wrapping up. The sky grew unsettled and it was as if everything, not just us, was anticipating something. Everything, that is, except the pups. Bess was busy learning how to be a cowpuppy with Brad, while Josie took advantage of the gentle lilting (no, it isn’t) motion of the fourwheeler to take a nap on my lap. She only fell off once.

We buzzed back up home, got a quick bite to eat, and headed out once more to get the cows on our end moved closer for the storm, and even moving the bulls into a more sheltered pasture. When we headed out after lunch, a little moisture was starting to blow in, quickly turning to sleet that stung like needles as we flew around on ATVs getting the shuffling done. The bulls were a little extra feisty with the weather change and gave us a quick and underappreciated rodeo.

The stinging sleet was accompanied by settling fog, obscuring the tops of the trees as we moved the last bunch of cows. As we got back up to the yard and put the fourwheelers away, the biting sleet turned suddenly to whirling snow, the distance disappearing from sight behind a whiteout.

The chickens are tucked in for the cold snap, with a fresh layer of sawdust to keep them dry. I moved their feed hoppers inside their snug coop to make feeding easier on them. It really feels like walking into a concrete bunker, as silent as it is when the door closes behind me! Lucky chickens.

Everything is coated with fresh white. I’m watching the snow whip this way and that outside the picture windows in the living room, listening to the wind whistle comfortably around the eaves, and ordering the last of my garden seeds. Maybe I’ll roll some newspaper seed pots and brainstorm my flower garden. The cozy aroma of bread baking is wafting through the house and the pups are playing hard and sleeping hard by turns in the mud room. Brad is doing some final chaining up of tires down in the shop. We have water for drinking and oil in the lanterns, the generators are ready to go and livestock have all been fed. The temps are dropping, and are a good thirty degrees colder than they were at lunchtime. We’ll keep praying for moisture and bracing for the cold, thankful for a warm home and a snow storm.

So it begins.

4 thoughts on “So it Begins

  1. Laura, delightful reading! You are creating a treasure Reminds me of my deceased mother-in-law. Most days of her life she wrote poetry about their life events. At one time she had a Sunday afternoon radio program reading her poems while a friend played piano music. If she awakened at night, she would sit up, reach for notepad and pen she kept beside her bed, and write! I still have her poetry collection which I will give to her children. KEEP WRITING! Love. Cousin Msry Ellis Thompson

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  2. I enjoy reading your posts. You have a way of making them come alive in the readers mind.
    You both stay warm and safe.
    OBTW chili feed date has been changed to March 2 due to weather.


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