Hello! I’m Laura Elizabeth. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I hope that the writing encourages and edifies, and that the photos inspire. I hope you are moved to laugh, cry, sigh, dream, and look a little closer at all the beauty that God has provided for our enjoyment and His glory.


Almost 10 years ago, my family made the decision to move to South Dakota, to be nearer family and to put roots down in a place where the Christian heritage of our nation is still pretty strong. On March 1, 2015, we finally made it out to the Black Hills, to our “ancestral home”, and to a place that has always felt like home.

I am a homeschool graduate, and earned my Bachelors of Music in vocal performance at Eastern Illinois University in December 2014, before moving out to the Black Hills. Through a long train of events and work choices, including working for my dad, for a rancher, at a quilt store, at an antique store, and as a medical scribe, as a piano teacher, photographer, and volunteer firefighter, I now work as a firefighter/paramedic for a fire department in a nearby city. I’m looking forward to June 2022 and becoming a ranch wife!

Hiking, photography, reading, writing, sewing, the volunteer fire department,…and of course my family, church family, and my rancher man…play big roles in my life. This is an exciting journey! Thanks for letting me share it with you.

Laura Elizabeth



12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Laura, from Canada.
    I was looking for a block about homesteading and yours came up in the list. The photography caught my eye and so I investigated further, im glad I did. I’m a new blogger with a serious lack of any charter with where I want to go. I too am a fellow photographer and hopefully I can implement that aspect into things. Anyways I must admit after perusing your site I feel quite timid. Grace and Peace with Blessing of Joy, Comfort and Contentment.


  2. Hello Laura, I’m a Black Hills photographer from Rapid City I was in the Inside Out Gallery in Hill City and bought a piece of your work. I showed some of my own stuff to Susan Schierbeck and she wanted me to show you. I sometimes post my work on Instagram and Facebook.


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