Happy March!

The month of springtime is here! After the taste of early spring we had last week and the week before, it was hard to settle back into winter mode – And it still is winter! Once you’ve gotten out the sandals for a few days, and shed the jackets and coats and many layers of wintertime, and hiked without mittens, hats, and scarves, a return to winter is a little daunting. A beautiful snowfall yesterday and last week make my soul sparkle, but there is something exciting about the first day of March. Springtime is just around the corner, bringing new adventures and new scenery and new life and the hunt for the elusive pasque flower.
IMG_3024In the warming days we’ve had, I’ve smelled again the damp earth, the warm fragrance of old leaves carpeting the woods, the perfume of freshness and newness and greenness. I’ve seen the buds on the lilac stems, felt the mosses growing lush in the ravines. Just a hint of what is to come, but it whets the appetite for springtime. I am looking forward to the smell of rain, the longer days, a greener earth.

Spring is coming.

Happy March!

Laura Elizabeth

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