Whiskers on Kittens

“Whiskers on kittens” really are some of my favorite things. And finally Ember’s and Coal’s whiskers are growing back after their over-zealous mama chewed them off. It wasn’t as noticeable on Ember, but coal-black Coal had beautiful, long, white whiskers and when they were gone, chewed down to stubs, it was quite noticeable.
IMG_6792Watching baby creatures grow up is no end to delightful. The clever little wretches have figured out how to manipulate certain people (Anna and myself) into giving them the attention they want when they want it, by climbing trees very capably, then meowing like there’s no tomorrow as soon as they “want down.” Give me a break.IMG_6781IMG_6777Coal in particular has also learned the joys of baiting the dogs. The girls and I were singing on the Miner’s Cabin porch yesterday, and Kashka and Coal joined us. So did Jess’s dog, Baby. Coal came and sat on the wood box with me, but when Baby came up to say hello, he growled and puffed himself up and arched his back and gave an open-mouthed hiss. Quite the little tiger. No one needs to teach a cat how to (pretend to) hate dogs. They just do. And they know how to milk the drama for all its worth. If the dog isn’t close enough for them to reasonably react, they’ll get close enough to the dog to reasonably react, and then react for all they’re worth. No one teaches a cat to do that. They just know.

It makes me think of little human babies – Some people try to claim that all human beings are basically good. Anyone who says that must never have worked with children. I don’t know how anyone can look at a plump, rosy-cheeked, perfectly-taken-care-of baby screaming in outright anger and not be convinced that there’s a sinful little soul inside that innocent baby exterior! No one has to teach a baby to be a sinner. We just are.IMG_6821Anyways, I’m glad Coal’s whiskers grew back. He looked pretty silly without them.

Laura Elizabeth


6 thoughts on “Whiskers on Kittens

    • They do! I’m on a hunt for a kitten right now – My baby sister (to whom all four of our cats actually belong) is gifting me my own kitten as a birthday gift. I’m childishly excited. 😉


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