Ranch Wife Musings | Soaking it In

After a busy day yesterday getting ready for the small branding today, we went to bed with every expectation that our work day would happen, as poorly as previously-anticipated weather has panned out over the last few weeks. The 30-cup coffee pot and food for coffee break were prepped for the neighbors who were to come help us this morning, chores were done ahead of time to make getting out of the yard easier, and we were awake before 5am a little disappointed that the rain gauge didn’t have any measurable rain in it.

We got the coffee made and snacks gathered up and the clouds got lower and the rain began to fall slowly. After some deliberation, the work day was called off, which was hard to do without any measurable rain, but you can’t get any wetter than wet, and a wet hide on a calf makes the brand blotch. After an extra cup of coffee and readjusting to an entirely unplanned day, we headed out to do chores, expecting the sky to clear and the rain to stop. But the rain has continued to fall, and last I checked there were two tenths of an inch in the gauge. There was only a tenth 45 minutes ago. It’s measurable. And we’re thankful.

The smell of rain and the music on the roof sure lifts the spirits! It is amazing how much happier everything looks with a little bit of gentle rain, slow rain. The grass is already greener, the perennials in my garden seem even more lush, the pups are enjoying being wet and filthy, the horses are feeling fresh and frisky, and I guess the only unhappy critters are my roosters. They get kicked out of the coop first thing in the morning and they’d rather stand outside the run crowing and getting soaked than taking their pick of the many shelter options and staying dry.

Even as I’m writing this, the rain has picked up again and the clouds are low in the trees behind the house. The windowpanes are streaming and the rain is falling straight and heavy. So I will soak up this slow, rainy day. There aren’t many slow days this time of year, and the bit of rain makes it extra sweet.

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