Tucked In

What a beautiful morning to wake to! We have gotten a solid 13 inches of wet snow here, based off my measurements on the back deck, and could be getting about a half inch an hour for the next 12 hours. The trees are cloaked and lovely.

We’re thankful for all the storm prep we did the last few days and are anticipating a worsening of conditions as the winds pick up, which they already are. Snow is falling a little heavier than it was at sunrise. Brad and Dave are out feeding everything before it gets much worse, and we already know of live calves that were born in this storm, which is very encouraging. Cattle are safely bedded in sheltered locations and yesterday’s tucking in appears to have been a success. We are very thankful!

Other than feeding and other normal chores, we’re set up well to hopefully be able to just keep food and water in front of animals and then more or less stay tucked in ourselves to ride out this blizzard as it worsens over the next few hours.

The pups are already intensely stir-crazy at 8am, busy disemboweling their toys and turning the living room into a jungle gym. They’ve gotten a stern talking to already which resulted in approximately three and a half minutes of quiet. The cozy ambiance is rather disrupted by the sound of bodies hitting the floor, snapping teeth, trampling of feet, and the occasional puppy or puppy toy flying through the air. This could be a long day.

2 thoughts on “Tucked In

  1. Laura, Love your posts. I can relate to the energy portrayed on those pups, as their daddy has the equivalent or greater!
    Our Rosie, sibling, is tucked away in her quilted porta kennel, out in the heated out shed , ( we have called the little house on the prairie) . I don’t believe we could get a minute of peace if we listened to the constant squeak of that chew toy.


    • Thanks for reading! 🙂 The pups got tired out just by doing my chores with me, and have been great for the last few hours. We’ll see how the afternoon holds out!


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