Battened Down

All of South Dakota has been gearing up for a major snow event, since the meteorologists first started talking about the potential a week ago.

For ranchers in drought-stricken parts of the state, including here, predictions of moisture can be pretty disheartening, since the outcome seems to always be less than hoped. We watched as this storm seemed to drift further south and tried not to get our hopes up for any significant moisture, but we were still a little disappointed when at 3am there was little to no snow yet.

Well, it has blown in, and we are just trusting God for His provision of the needed moisture over this winter, and praying for safety as the temps plummet and the wind kicks up. There isn’t much snow yet and it seems to have let up, but this is supposed to be a multi day snowstorm, so it should keep coming.

We have plenty of water in case of power outages, have oil in the lanterns, and are thankful for a working generator. Brad brought the calves closer yesterday and into the timber, and now the order of the day is just keeping critters fed and watered.

My usual entourage of cats had no interest in chicken chores this morning, and stayed snug in their cat house, looking pretty miffed. Except for Polly. She darted inside and since she’s getting a little daily doctoring (and will keep me company while I work on some projects inside…) I didn’t feel like stripping down to go catch her. And she really is good company, even if rather obnoxious.

The chickens needed a fair amount of coaxing and a makeshift windbreak before they’d set foot outside. My footsteps had already drifted in when I trudged back up the hill to the house.

But those cold, blustery, blizzardy days make for the perfect opportunity for finishing some Christmas presents, doing some mending, photo editing, a couple online webinars tomorrow, and getting a start on my Christmas cookie baking.

There’s always something!

And so we’re battened down.

3 thoughts on “Battened Down

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  2. Reblogged this on adrianrebecca and commented:
    The weather is the Black Hills is known for its whimsy. I don’t know about this year, but 9 years ago, as my family was finalizing plans for a move here from central Illinois, I found the statistic that Rapid City, SD has the distinction of being the city in the US with least predictable weather. I have found that to be accurate.
    Our whole state, pretty much, was under a blizzard warning for the week, and my area was no exception. I-90 was closed from Wyoming to Mitchell a good part of the week (haven’t checked today), stranding lots of travelers in unlikely places. All that being said, at our house, we got ~5 inches of snow and the 40mph winds blew most of it away. Neal shoveled the walks once, and 2/3 of the mile-long driveway was clean down to the gravel. Even my all-wheel Highlander made it up the drive in what snow was left on the rest of it. Totally enjoyed the 3 snow days!


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