Photography Challenge 2018 | Week 4 of 52

WEEK 4 – Creative – Quiet Moment. IMG_1665eA bluebird day in February is an invitation to take a drive. The sky was unbelievable. The air sparkled. Just off one of the back roads near here, a little flock of Canada geese were enjoying the relative warmth of Battle Creek, which steamed in the frigid air. The sunlight caught in the mist and in the golden grasses, and gleamed on the fresh snow. Hardly a breath of wind, not a disruptive sound. All was quiet, except for the quiet murmuring of the creek.

3 thoughts on “Photography Challenge 2018 | Week 4 of 52

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    • Thank you! I would have liked to get a little more on eye level, to capture more of the mist coming off the creek, but the geese wouldn’t have let me! It was a fun find, though, for sure.


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