Photography Challenge 2018 | Week 5 of 52

WEEK 5 – Wildcard – Photographer’s Choice.

IMG_2820e“The Long Winter”

This beautiful horse. The wonder of snow. Winter Storm Oliver swept in fiercely earlier this week, bringing the kind of beauty only seen in winter.

Photography Challenge 2018 | Week 4 of 52

WEEK 4 – Creative – Quiet Moment. IMG_1665eA bluebird day in February is an invitation to take a drive. The sky was unbelievable. The air sparkled. Just off one of the back roads near here, a little flock of Canada geese were enjoying the relative warmth of Battle Creek, which steamed in the frigid air. The sunlight caught in the mist and in the golden grasses, and gleamed on the fresh snow. Hardly a breath of wind, not a disruptive sound. All was quiet, except for the quiet murmuring of the creek.

Photography Challenge 2018 | Week 2 of 52

WEEK 2 – Composition – Color Harmony. Winter coziness. A cup of hot tea and a good book. Nothing else is needed.

Photography Challenge 2018 | Week 1 of 52

WEEK 1 – Vision – Look Ahead.IMG_0347eeI look ahead at the beginning of this year, and I see a stretch of my road clearly, complete with all the challenges and hazards and beauty, and then the road disappears out of sight. It is intimidating on the one hand, but that is where the adventure starts. What happens next? I also look back at the old year and see things I want to fix, heart attitudes, habits, and disciplines that I want to mend, establish, or strengthen. So with optimism and faith, I turn my eyes back to the New Year, with trust in God’s grace to teach me what I need to be taught and to strengthen me for whatever trials He allows, and with confidence that God will work all things for my good and for His glory.

52 Week Photo Challenge

One of my goals for this year is to be more intentional with my photography. Oh, I’m intentional in some regards, but as far as actually developing my craft or, when things get busy, staying committed to my personal photography, I tend to be a bit weak. This year, I want to be pushing myself to create better photography, and with a purpose. To that end, I’ve found a weekly photo challenge by Dogwood Photography which I intend to use as the basis for some of my personal photography this year. I may stray from the topics they present, but my goal isn’t so much to do the entire 52 weeks of the challenge rigidly, but to be striving to take beautiful photos every week. I’m excited to be able to look back at the end of this year and see what memories I have! And feel free to join in! If you do, be sure to share links to your images in the comments section!