Photography Challenge 2018 | Week 3 of 52

WEEK 3 – Technical – Full Manual.
IMG_0863eIMG_0867Since I always shoot full manual, I had to decide which photo opportunity to use for this week’s challenge. (Well, last week’s challenge. I’m a little behind in posting.) Although it isn’t the greatest photo, I chose this picture of my uncle burning a slash pile, and then also had to throw in one of the actual pile – it looks so toasty. Last Sunday, we had enough snow cover that we were able to burn seven slash piles, a couple of them fairly good sized. I wasn’t there for the igniting of them, but I helped chuck later that afternoon – that is, consolidating the piles by “chucking” in the edges, after they have burned awhile. This reduces risk of the fire spreading by pulling in all the fuel from the edges, and also makes the burn more efficient with less leftover.

Nothing like playing with fire on a cold afternoon. And everyone who is available gets in on it, making for a productive and satisfying family afternoon. I love the heat, the work, the camaraderie, the snowy pine needles sizzling, the sparks whizzing up, the brilliance of the hot spots beneath the bigger logs, the smell of smoke, the soot.  One of my favorite parts about living on a registered tree farm. Too bad burning doesn’t happen more often. Just plain fun.

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