Still Life Study

Snow is still heavy on the ground outside. Our single-digit temperatures have kept the snow around for nearly a month now. Inside the Miners Cabin, there was a roaring fire in the wood stove, the quiet company of a cat, and The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. When I’d read a couple of Sherlock Holmes short stories, I couldn’t resist trying a quick photography project. With the colder weather and shorter days, my outdoor photography has been somewhat diminished, so lately I’ve been dabbling in still life photography.
IMG_1412eIMG_1463eIMG_1436eIMG_1440eIMG_1420eHow different it is from nature photography, or portraits! With both of those, the goal is to capture things as they are or in their natural state, but at their best or most ideal. With still life, it largely is an illusion. Almost like sleight of hand. The photographer has more control and exercises more control to convey ideas and emotions, in ways that the natural world cannot be manipulated. It is different, but an enjoyable different.

Laura Elizabeth

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