Ghost towns are a lingering memory, the old buildings and chipped paint relics of bygone days…but not too far bygone. But even those memories crumble and eventually vanish. Rockerville, a former mining town of the gold rush era, has joined the league of vanished ghost towns. Last weekend, this beautiful little remnant of history was used as burn practice by a dozen or so local firefighting crews. It is understandable that the buildings needed to go – They were in a public location, near a well-frequented restaurant, and the liability with having them there was probably not insignificant. A fire caught in a couple of the storefronts over the summer, which would have further compromised them structurally. But it is still sad to see them go. During the spring, summer, and fall, I drive past Rockerville on my way to and from work, and I always loved seeing the ghostly little town. Here are some pictures of Rockerville, which I took last year.
Old RockervilleOld RockervilleRockerville Ghost TownInto the realm of memory.

Laura Elizabeth

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