Other Motherhood

In case you were revolted by my previous Motherhood post, maybe you’ll appreciate this one more. Unless, of course, you’re a cat-hater. Then I’m afraid the case is hopeless. But we have new kitties on our little homestead! The Kashka-Cat finally had her kittens, one week ago today, and they are little charmers.
IMG_9972Little Kashka would have had six babies, but this is her first litter and her motherhood awareness is underdeveloped. If my mom hadn’t been there to clean off a couple of kittens’ faces, all six would have suffocated. As it was, only two survived. But they are beautiful.IMG_9965IMG_9966Other than the first day or so when Kashka was a bit nervous and protective of her precious babies, Kashka has allowed us to handle them a little bit and pet them and marvel at them. They sleep and nurse and squeak like crazy when we stroke their fur or when their mama sits on them. And their skinny little newborn kitten bodies are becoming chubby little kitten bodies – They eat well, just the two of them!
IMG_9975The little calico-looking one is more of a cuddler, always cuddling up against Kashka’s belly. The little black one, though, seems to like to cuddle against Kashka’s back. He’s very active, and one of his little eyes started to open today. They’ll be a handful when they’re no longer blind and helpless!

I could watch them forever.

Laura Elizabeth

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