Winter Lingers

When I woke up yesterday morning, there was snow on the ground and continuing to fall from a heavy-clouded sky, a wet snow, melting and puddling in the red dirt of the driveway, but lightly coating everything else. I ran outside in my summertime footwear, refusing to go back to socks and boots. “Cold feet, cold feet, cold feet!” I scraped an inch or two of slushy snow off the truck, then ran back to the house for my camera. “Cold feet, cold feet, cold feet!” What a change from our 80-degree weather on Friday and Saturday!
IMG_9888The driveway up to Highway 40 was a fairyland. Trees were silvered with snow, grasses were bent and covered. The springtime landscape was muted and softened and pale. Low-lying cloud cover obscured hills and hilltops, altering the scenes I am used to on my drive in to work. I’ll have to admit, on Monday I wasn’t looking forward to the snow that was expected – But something about a quiet snowfall always changes my mind. The magic never fails to enchant me.
IMG_9878Snow and rain fell pretty much all day yesterday, as temperatures hovered in the 30s and 40s. When it finally warms up, how green everything will be! On the way home, I drove in and out of places where the snow was clinging tenaciously. Higher hilltops had snow on them, and the tops of trees were frosted over.
IMG_9899Living in the mountains, even relatively low-elevation mountains such as the Black Hills, the weather patterns are unpredictable and extremely changeable from one town to the next. As I drove home from church on Sunday, I drove into rain a mile or so outside Custer, as a pickup truck covered in 2 inches of snow whizzed past me the other direction. The snow and slush increased a few more miles down the road, then tapered off as I approached Mt. Rushmore. And at home, it was sunny and springlike.
IMG_9892I love the varied weather and the hesitating entry of each successive season. At this point, I am fully ready for springtime, the sun and the warmth that chases away the chill. But for now, winter lingers. Might as well enjoy it.

Laura Elizabeth



4 thoughts on “Winter Lingers

  1. Loved the pictures. I’ve always wanted to take a trip up to Mt. Rushmore. I’ve never seen it. Maybe that’s something to think about one of these summers. Of course, by the look of your pictures, Spring might be better. I’d love to see scenery like that.


    • I would definitely recommend springtime!! South Dakota is generally very dry later in the summer, and consequently the landscape browns considerably as the summer progresses. If you visited in late April, most tourist places would be open but the tourist flock wouldn’t have arrived quite yet. Just don’t come in late July or August. Hot, dry, dusty, and LOTS of tourists. Crazy traffic.


  2. Laura, I again enjoyed your pictures and your well-chosen descriptive words of what you were viewing. Keep up the lovely writing skills. Mary


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