Kevin Swanson

Kevin Swanson, Generations with Vision

When my family decided to move out to South Dakota, moving from the most liberal state in the Union to one of the most conservative, from one of the largest in population to one of the smallest, from an urban state to a rural state, our decision was based hugely on matters of freedom. We are a conservative Christian homeschooling entrepreneurial family. We depend, in a manner of speaking, on freedoms – the freedom to worship as we please throughout the week, to run a business as we see fit, to school at home with the content we feel belongs in the curriculum. Would those freedoms still exist when my sisters and I got married and started families? Given that Illinois is Illinois…there was reason to doubt.

But even here in South Dakota, by far more conservative, more God-fearing, more self-reliant and community-oriented, friendlier to individual rights, prouder of our freedoms and more committed to preserve them, we see those freedoms being eroded and chiseled and defaced.

Bobby Jindal

Governor Bobby Jindal, 2016 Presidential Candidate

So here we were today at the Freedom 2015 Conference, sponsored by Generations with Vision, gathering together with hundreds and hundreds of other likeminded individuals, who believe that our greatest heritage is our Christian heritage, and our most important rights are our religious rights, and the most important foundation of our country the foundation of God’s Word. Praise God for bringing about this conference!

Today we heard from persecuted men and women, who were intentionally targeted by the left for their God-fearing beliefs. We heard from candidates for president, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, and Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz, 2016 Presidential Candidate

I thought the first two were exciting and well-received. But the standing ovation Ted Cruz received before he had even reached the top step to the stage was almost overwhelming. What a testament to his courage, his faith, his willingness to speak the truth in the face of stern opposition. This is a man to rally behind. He can lead a country. When asked how important it was for the president of the United States to fear God, he didn’t flinch, he didn’t hedge around the answer. He stated his conviction plainly – How can a man rule rightly if he himself isn’t governed by God in Heaven?

Even as we mourned for the state of our country, this once-great nation, we rejoiced in the knowledge that God can spark a revival, if he wants, and that throughout history the church of God has only ever strengthened through persecution and opposition. If God allows persecution, I firmly believe he will strengthen beyond measure those of his flock who remain steadfast.

Laura Elizabeth

2 thoughts on “FREEDOM 2015

  1. Thank you, Mary! Yes, it was a fantastic conference. It was exciting to be able to see so many people rallied together because they love Jesus and they love their families and they love their country. It was sobering and encouraging at the same time.


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