Moral of the story…

We tend to be a family of procrastinators. I do have my suspicions that it is a genetic trait. For that reason, Sunday mornings tend to be a little bit hectic–That is, until we walk through the church door and realize we aren’t late.

Well, this morning the unthinkable happened. None of us woke up until 7:40, which is a mere 40 minutes until the absolute latest time we could leave for church and still arrive on time. Our usual Sunday wake-up time of 7:00 rarely seems sufficient, so this was quite the hardship. Sarah the Optimist thought/knew we could all be ready in time, but some of us (Pessimists or Realists, depending on your own person level of Pessimism or Optimism) looked at the ratio of people to showers/mirrors/sinks and thought it was impossible.

Proving that nothing is impossible with God, the next 40 minutes flew by in a blur, and we were all out in the car and driving away on time. I think all of us were a little amazed at this feat of greatness–Five people, one bathroom, and all had coffee AND breakfast, and we were still managing to get to church on time.


I was sitting in the back seat of the van, concentrating on my mug of cream–Ah, I mean coffee and cream.

“Laura, did you unplug the coffee pot?”

I hadn’t. After which ensued a lengthy conversation about whether to risk it and go to church anyway, or turn around and make sure our house wouldn’t burn down.

The long and the short of it is that we had our own church service at home–We read and discussed an article, read a commentary about the early Christian church (which, pertinently, was composed of individual house churches), and listened to a podcast. We’re not perfect–But God in His grace can redeem our flaws and mistakes and work with them anyway to bring glory to Himself.

But next time we’ll make sure to unplug the coffee pot.

Laura Elizabeth

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