Weekly Photo Roundup | April 9 – 15

The greenup has begun! All the moisture from the series of snowstorms has worked its wonders on the landscape, putting water in dry dams, brightening up the trees, and giving the first wash of green to the pastures. It was a week that felt slow in comparison to the past few weeks, as calving is wrapping up and winter is winding down and the weather was wonderfully warm, at least relatively speaking. We had our first taste of spring cow work, with an afternoon of preg checking some fall calvers for a neighbor and vaccinating our own replacement heifers. I started some spring cleaning outdoors and indoors, and got my hands dirty in the garden, including getting some bare-root things in the ground. It is so fun to see the perennials starting to come up! The chickens enjoyed their free time more than usual, with green grass to pick at and the first of the bugs.

Spring is here! What a wonderful feeling.

One thought on “Weekly Photo Roundup | April 9 – 15

  1. Grandpa and I took our little camping trailer to one of our favorite campgrounds most of last week, and we came home to an almost-fully-greened-up tree line along the river behind us. We had several days of soaking rain in the “holler” where we were camped, but our rain gauge said “nada” here. It’s still a bit chilly, but we (retired, elderly folks) sat on the deck this evening anyway with our Kindles. Friday evening, the coyotes were announcing their intentions in the pasture across the river, and I have no doubt they had some success. Love, Grandma


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