Here’s to Another Year

Homestead Diaries just hit its fourth anniversary! How exciting. Thank you so much to all my readers, new and old, who play an important role in the life of this blog. Knowing that I’m writing for people, not just for myself, is part of what keeps me going. I particularly appreciate the time people take to leave feedback and comments, or to share articles on Facebook. That means so much!

Over the next year, I hope to continue to build up the hiking article database, as well as my wildflower identification page. I have no immediate plans, but some fun project ideas have been coming to mind! We’ll see what the next year holds.

This blog began as a way to document my family’s move to the Black Hills, and it has grown to be an ongoing project I love to work on. Writing and photography are ways that I remember things I want to remember, and I love getting to share those things with other people!

Thanks for reading!


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