Not-So-Still Life

Cats have got to be some of the most ornery critters. And the most curious. Which makes them some of the most obnoxious. And the most cutest.IMG_5804eIMG_5850eYesterday morning, I was out snapping pictures of the autumn loveliness and saw this old lantern sitting on the ground by the tool shed. If you’ve been around here long enough, or if you’ve browsed my galleries, you may recognize it from my black-and-white photograph, “Falling Stars.” I was delightfully surprised. Since it had only ever been hanging in a shadowy corner of the shed, well above eye-level, I’d never realized that it had a blue enamel cap. How lovely!IMG_5851eAs soon as I set it upright on an old barrel and started to photograph it, Saber thought it was pretty interesting, too. And as soon as he thought it was interesting, the kittens joined him. These cats really are wonderful company – they’re extremely social and friendly, and often come check out whatever projects I might be working on outside. Except for when I mow the lawn. They hate that. But their friendliness can sometimes translate to in-the-way-ness.IMG_5835eIMG_5855eIMG_5822eSo my still life study quickly became a not-so-still life study. Because cats do not sit still, especially if you want them to. IMG_5871eCats and autumn. And old lanterns. Three really beautiful things.



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