The kittens were very intrigued, particularly the most timid of the three, Boomerang, when Katie and I began setting the hammocks up Sunday night. I mean, we were in their trees. It was clear that was going through their little fuzzy heads. HammockingThis was my first venture into hammock camping (yes, in my front yard). Once I finally got up at 6am and went to the bathroom, got a snack, and an extra blanket, I slept wonderfully for the next two hours! Somehow I didn’t really realize I was cold all night, but the extra blanket to go under the sleeping bag and actually climbing into the sleeping bag rather than using it simply to line the hammock really made the difference. I slept great.

It was so cozy sleeping (or trying to sleep) under the stars, even though without my contacts in they look like little faint fuzzy blobs. Kittens periodically came and checked us out. We heard the cows occasionally. The coyotes sang a little at first. There wasn’t a single bug. Once we woke up, we brought out tea and coffee, huddled in our blankets, laughed at the kittens and their shenanigans, chatted, and watched the morning roll in. It was delightful.

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