Wyoming/Montana Adventure | Roadtrip West

I love heading west. Even just crossing the South Dakota state line into Wyoming is thrilling.

Earlier this month, my mom, sisters, and I took a road trip to Bozeman, MT, to attend a Biblical Counseling Training Conference at a church up there, and on the way home took an extra day and a half to sight see and enjoy the beauties of our neighbor states. We stayed in a little town in Wyoming named Lovell on the edge of the Bighorn Mountains and spent a good part of Sunday exploring and reveling in the Pryor Mountains and Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.IMG_0611eMore and more, I’m drawn to the towering mountains and open skies and racing horizons of the West, amazed by their beauty, drawn to the sheer magnitude of their loveliness. I relish driving from a plains region to a mountainous region and watching the mountains, hazy in the distance, rise up out of the horizon, then grow taller, and deeper, and more, until layer upon layer disappears into the distance. I love the feeling of smallness when faced with a mountain range or canyon that seems larger than life. What a good God who has the scope of creative majesty to have thought up and placed all the beauty we see in the world around us!

I’m trying to catch up on pictures from that trip (there were many!), and I’m looking forward to sharing them!

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