Winter Perks

One of the occasional perks to having a long drive to town is the inability to get to town at all. Snow days, for instance. In this particular case, there wasn’t even that much snow, but the road was glazed. It was fantastic. When I get to Hwy. 79 and my truck is sliding as soon as I so much as tap the brakes, it’s a subtle clue to cancel lessons and mosey on home. And, since my camera is always with me, to admire the scenery through my viewfinder.
IMG_2448eI pulled off to the side of the road to snap some pictures around Battle Creek. The scenery that is so familiar, and so enchanting in inclement weather. The textures and colors draw me in whenever I drive past.IMG_2443eTwo kind people who saw me walking along the highway in the bitter cold and wind stopped to make sure I was alright. I love South Dakota. The lady who stopped looked like she thought I was crazy. “Are you okay?!?!” (Translation, “Are you insane?!?!”) The sleet and snow and wind were burning and freezing my face, and I grinned as big as my frozen face would grin. “Just taking pictures!” Teeth chattered. My fingers hurt. Wonderful.IMG_2461eWinter perks.

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