Legion Lake Fire Update

Overnight, the winds picked up and the Legion Lake Fire is now estimated at 35,000 acres, placing this at #3 of the largest wildfires in Black Hills history since 1910. We’re thankful we’re safe where we are, but the origin of the fire was about 10-15 miles south of us, placing this very close to home. The red on the horizon last night was uncanny, and it feels strange to go about daily activities when hundreds of firefighters are risking their lives to battle the blaze, and hundreds of others are being evacuated. It feels strange to not be affected by something so destructive so few miles away from us, other than having some roads we use be barricaded.

Monitoring the progress of the fire and the evacuation orders last night online, it was so encouraging to see this community come together to help one another, offering places to stay, help moving livestock, places to keep pets, food, transportation…In the Black Hills, there is a strange mix of solidarity and independence. The way I see it is that one reason people choose to live out where we do is because they like the solitude and, in a way, they want to be left alone. But when push comes to shove, the community stands up to help those in need. Very neat to see.

Continuing praying for the continued safety of the firefighters and for safe and speedy evacuations. Also pray for weather changes.

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