Not Bad for a Morning’s Work

And really, it only took probably a half hour to pick these. The bigger the fruit, the funner (yes, funner) to pick. Because it goes so much more quickly. I love picking chokecherries, I really do, partly because it is somewhat therapeutic, partly because I love chokecherry jelly. But when it takes about 2 hours to fill a gallon-sized bucket…Well, plums are much better in that regard. However, if you ever get a chance to pick wild plums, be sure to wear tough jeans and a thick jacket or sweatshirt. They have some serious thorns. IMG_3883eIMG_3672eNot bad for a morning’s work.



4 thoughts on “Not Bad for a Morning’s Work

    • I’ve never done anything with plums until this year, so I’ll see how it goes! Chokecherry is my favorite, but I’m looking forward to seeing how the plum jam turns out.


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