The Singing Tree

A low droning caught my ear, as I was working outside today. It sounded like a whole swarm of wasps, of which we have plenty during the summer, but I couldn’t tell where it was coming from. I don’t like wasps. As I listened, I realized the humming was coming from the large tree by the old chicken coop. I thought there must be a wasp nest in the tree, or perhaps in the old tractor sitting out by the coop.
IMG_3905bIMG_3883bIMG_3880bUpon closer inspection, I saw that the tree was in bud, the spreading boughs covered with delicate mahogany flowers, and flitting daintily from flower to flower were the little glinting bodies and sparkling wings of honeybees. The source of the song. I have no idea how many were working, but they were creating quite the chorus of springtime music. What a harbinger of blessings to come!

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