Chokecherry Moon

It is the moon of chokecherries, for which some of us have been eagerly waiting! All spring, I saw the flowers and made note of where the bushes were, and finally the fruit is ripening, ready to harvest. These small wild cherries make a delicious old-fashioned jelly, which I remember always on hand in my grandmother’s kitchen. She would put it out at nearly every meal.  IMG_8516The chokecherries on the ranch apparently disappeared for awhile, but they have sprung up all along the driveway. Mom was in Rapid City today and visited her uncle, since he called to let her know the chokecherries were ripe at his place, and she came home with pounds and pounds of them. After she got back, a short drive up our driveway yielded another third of a gallon or so of cherries. And many more to ripen, along with a few golden currant bushes I know of on our property! IMG_8515I also know of a great spot for chokecherries along Hwy. 44. But it is a secret.

Laura Elizabeth

2 thoughts on “Chokecherry Moon

    • They sure make excellent jelly. The cherries themselves are “dry” berries, tart and bitter, and make your mouth feel like powder. I like them, though.


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