No Place I’d Rather Be

The first day of my week off was spent almost entirely outside – The way I like it! Gardening, yard work, and other activities this morning, mowing until dark this evening, and a hike this afternoon to see if any water was still running in Battle Creek. Boy, was it! It roared pleasantly through the canyon and the deep-cut creekbed, a chocolatey, muddy brown. Wildflowers are blooming even more now, and the brush and forest were alive with bird life. My cellphone battery died on my hike, so I walked very carefully on the way home. I’ve never seen a rattlesnake on the Hole-in-the-Wall trail, but I didn’t want to find my first one and not have cell access in case of an emergency!
Sleeping BumblebeeAfternoon AspensBlue-Eyed GrassWhat a wonderful day to be spent outside, enjoying the quiet and serenity of the Black Hills, the wind in the pines and the tall grasses, the vivid sunlight, the flashes of wildflower color, the shimmering green of the aspens. No place I’d rather be.

Laura Elizabeth

2 thoughts on “No Place I’d Rather Be

  1. Laura, another enjoyable post. The photographs are colorful and beautiful. Pleased to see your are aware of the need to have a charged cell phone. By the way, bumble bees can cause reactions in some people.


    • Haha, yes, a charged cell-phone. I think I’m safe, as far as the bumblebees…I hope so, anyway. 😉 They concern me less than the possibility of stepping on a snake. Lots of long grass, rocks, etc. And the only time I really get nervous is if my cell phone dies and I’m a good half-hour walk from home!


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