Cold Day Projects

The shorter the days get, the more I look forward to when the days start getting longer again. But considering how busy we’ve stayed this fall, Brad and I are both enjoying a slow down on the ranch! We’ve finally had time to catch up on some of those little projects we’ve had in our lists, I finally got my young chicken flock combined with my big girls, we’ve been able to do some more reading in our long evenings, and I’ve gotten my crafting and sewing back out, fixing and mending as well as artistic stuff.

The last few days, I’ve puttered away at dyeing some silk scarves and I’m tickled pink with how they turned out. It is fun to see how the colors actually rendered , after the fabric was heated, rinsed, and dried!

So many pretty colors, it is hard to pick a favorite!

Handcrafted with Love

Every fall and into the winter, as days get shorter and as Christmas approaches, my fingers get itching for projects. Whether it is crocheting or painting or sewing or an odd combination, out the projects come!

This week, with some down time and some cold temps, was the perfect opportunity to dye some silk scarves for gifting and selling.

I’ve dyed things before but never silk, and the results have been beautiful. Brad wears a silk scarf almost year round and gave me one for Christmas last year. I was hooked and now I’m never without one. I did find a bargain on some cheap polyester scarves and have to say there is no comparison…The polyester doesn’t breathe or wick moisture, so unless the temps are just so, I’d rather be without. But silk…Warm, light, and moisture wicking.

So anyway, I thought I’d dye some myself. And they’re beautiful. I can’t wait to see how this set turns out after setting the dye and rinsing!