Let It Ring in Your Hearts

This is one of my favorite Christmas pieces from the past, and I wanted to share it again. A new year, but the same sentiments. We serve a wonderful LORD.

Song Dog Journal

Today is New Year’s Eve. Christmas was 6 days ago. Every year, Christmas approaches with much anticipation. And every year it leaves with a sigh, ho-hum, and back we go to finish out the year. In truth, we’re probably glad when Christmas is over and done with. Sure, it was fun, we have some sweet family memories, less money in our checking account, a gift or two we were probably excited to receive, and it is just time to get on with what remains of the year.


What a loss. What a loss that we don’t carry with us for the rest of the year, or the whole year, the joy and excitement and awe of the Christmas season. Or is it because we fail to see and experience the joy and excitement and awe that Christmas should bring?

I’m not sure how to properly express the magnitude of all…

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2 thoughts on “Let It Ring in Your Hearts

  1. Christmas day lasts until Epiphany, January 6! And the Christmas season until Candlemas, February 2. Our tree was decorated the Sunday before Christmas day, and it will be up until Candlemas; gifts will be found under it on three separate days: Dec. 25, January 1 (the Motherhood of Mary), and January 6 (the Epiphany of Our Lord). Delightful!

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