Favorite Photos of 2018

My, how the time flies. And how sweet it is to look back over the last year and see how God has provided through everything and in ways that were absolutely not His obligation, but His gracious bounty. Pictures are a way for me to remember God’s graciousness, through the beautiful and challenging experiences of life. My photography almost always springs out of joy-giving experiences, so this collection of images from 2018 is essentially a series of joy snapshots, things that jog my memory about the goodness of the LORD over the last year, those experiences and memories that are lodged in my mind, triggered by pictures I’ve taken. Enjoy!

IMG_0204eA beautiful drive to Lusk, Wyoming, to pick up a friend on January 2, 2018. The blowing snow was mesmerizing.
IMG_0226eA foggy morning south of Hermosa.
IMG_0347eeDriving the Wildlife Loop in Custer State Park, mere weeks after the Legion Lake Fire. The snow covered over the black of the burn, but the corral fence was a shambles.
IMG_0469ePrairie dogs in Custer State Park after Legion Lake Fire.
IMG_1665eGeese in Battle Creek on a cold winter morning.
IMG_2820eTimber in Winter Storm Oliver.
IMG_3538eMy silly dog, Trixie. She’s a snow puppy!
IMG_3626eChickadee during a snow storm, up at Grandma’s house.
IMG_0128eMy beautiful cat, Ember. Such a sweetie.
IMG_4735ePasque flowers – the first signs of spring!
IMG_4731eCuster State Park Wildlife Loop, greening up in the spring after Legion Lake Fire.
IMG_4785eWind Cave National Park, greening up after Legion Lake Fire. This photo and the above were taken on a sunrise drive with my dad.
IMG_4967eKinnikinnik. Also known as bearberry. Found on an April hike up Mt. Baldy, near Mt. Rushmore.
IMG_6389eWind Cave National Park – the grass came back like velvet in the burn areas!
IMG_6415eWildflowers in Wind Cave National Park.
IMG_7028eBlue columbine, a rare find on a hike in Hell Canyon.
IMG_7094ePrairie phlox, found while agate hunting near Fairburn.
IMG_7195eHoney bee on dame’s rocket, on a walk with my sister and our dogs down by Battle Creek. We had gotten a lot of rain, and went to check how high the creek had gotten. Evening walks and hikes are such a highlight. IMG_8716eA wild rose along the trail up to the Bear Mountain fire lookout, on an afternoon with my sisters.
IMG_8792eeSego lilies are always fun to find. I found this one along Iron Mountain Road on a picnic with my family.
IMG_0211eEven walking the half mile down the driveway from my Grandma’s adds a little spark of joy to my day.
IMG_1133eBighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, on our way home from a Biblical Counseling Conference in Bozeman, MT.
IMG_2903eMy cat, Cinders, another kitten gifted to me by Anna. IMG_3008eOne of many fleabanes, on a hike on the Iron Mountain Loop Trail. 
IMG_3044eA signpost on the Iron Mountain Loop Trail. This picture speaks to me, somehow.
IMG_20181005_180420446_HDRA beautiful fall sunset along the Rockerville Road. 
IMG_5890eThe golden beauty of the autumn.
IMG_3066eA favorite shot of Spearfish Falls. 
IMG_3156eHiking boots and hiking pants. Kind of a summary of the highlights of my year!
Crow Peak
Crow Peak, one of the best views in the Black Hills!

IMG_5822eAn attempted still life project turned into a cat photoshoot. Silly critter!
IMG_20181013_153043989_HDRTrying to hike Mount Baldy turned into a comical misadventure when a freak snowstorm blew in! 
Subtle winter beauty. The old year leaves and the new year comes in the time of the quietest beauty. 

With the new year already well on its way (three weeks into January?!), I’m excited to see what God has in store for this year. And what joy snapshots will impress themselves on my heart and mind.

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