Botanicals | White Beardtongue

White beardtongue is a penstemon, penstemon albidus, a member of the figwort family. These little beauties were blooming all over the family property for the last couple of weeks! I found this one on a short hike down to Battle Creek. Pretty little thing!
IMG_7150eOnce again, the variety of our wildflowers amazes me.

3 thoughts on “Botanicals | White Beardtongue

  1. Which penstemons do you have up there? Such amazing variety. I sure like these little white ones, but then again I like all the penstemons. The shell leaf penstemon is blooming right now, I just haven’t managed to get its picture yet!

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    • The most common here is the Small-flowered (Penstemon procerus), but we also have the Sulphur Penstemon (Penstemon attenuatus), Lowly Penstemon (Penstemon humilis), and at high elevations, Davidson’s Penstemon (Penstemon davidsonii). I love them all!


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