Favorite Photos of 2017

One thing I love about photography is the ability to capture not just a visual reference, but something that triggers emotions, thoughts, mood, smells, tastes, and stirs the memory. It is so good to look back through photos and be reminded of the year, of the joy and excitement of those moments out taking pictures, or stumbling upon a beautiful photo just ready for me to capture it. These photos aren’t just favorite photographs – they represent favorite memories of the last year.

IMG_2299eOne of many beautiful snowy days early last year. It captures my love of horses as well as my love of the winter season.

IMG_2919eOur near-death adventure to the Community Caves…We learned our lesson: if it is warm enough to not wear coat or gloves, it is too warm for a frozen waterfall. Kind of seems like a no-brainer now.

IMG_4499eOne of many pasqueflower hunts. Something in me never tires of finding these little gems, or any of God’s gems that He scatters in the grasses.

IMG_0097eMy Alaska Adventure, and a great day exploring with my cousin at Independence Mine.

IMG_0961eLittle Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, Montana. The solitude and desolation was so poignant and real.

IMG_3117The Great American Eclipse 2017, Douglas, WY. One of God’s amazing wonders.

IMG_3912God’s bounty and human stewardship. And the joy of friendship and being outdoors.

IMG_4976eA drive down Spearfish Canyon to take in the fall colors. Golden hour.

IMG_5029eA fall evening over Pactola Reservoir.

IMG_9246eThe joy of critters. And my favorite season.

IMG_9860eThe beauty of a fresh snowfall.

God is so good. What a great year it was. What beautiful memories.

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