I can’t juggle. I tried to learn once-upon-a-time and failed miserably. Hand-eye coordination is not my strong suit, unless it is the hand-eye coordination required for seeing a picture and pressing a shutter button. But the last two (or three) weeks have been one endless juggle. And it has been fun (I can’t believe I’m even saying that, but it’s true). In the past, busyness hasn’t necessarily been something I enjoyed. Too much on the schedule has translated into exhaustion and overwhelm and my family not wanting to be around me. But this time the busyness has been with activities I enjoy, and which are visible indicators of entrepreneurial progress. That’s exciting.

The goal always seems to be to find some sort of a balance, where everything that needs to be accomplished can be accomplished, without having to fish it back out from where it fell between the cracks. I’m not there yet. The last few weeks have been full of family portrait sessions and lots of piano students, so it is exciting to see progress in that regard, and a weekend trip to Boulder for a portrait workshop further added to the chaos. Hopefully, and hopefully soon, the chaos will resolve itself as things settle into routine, and I do look forward to that. But for the time being, it is a good kind of chaos.  Not sustainable, but worth it.

I remember the chaos and the juggling when Dad first started our family business back in Illinois. It is a truth learned very quickly in starting a business. Entrepreneurial endeavors always are accompanied by a certain level of sacrifice, and right now I just might be sacrificing my sanity. But so far, no one is complaining. So I will continue juggling.


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