Change is in the Air

I hate change. I naturally kind of revolt at the idea of change. So I have actually been dragging my feet about this for almost a month. But it is time to embrace the change!

When I first began to write this blog two and a half years ago, I wasn’t entirely sure of my focus, or even for whom I thought I was writing. We had just moved here, and initially I was simply chronicling our move to the Black Hills from Illinois. But over the last two and a half years, a lot has changed, and I’ve found my focus broadening in some senses, and maybe narrowing or becoming more focused in other ways. This year and this next year are also going to be times of transition and change, as I transition from work as a medical scribe full time to teaching piano and working on growing a photography business. Due to all these things, I’ve decided to change the name of my blog. I wanted to make this as an official announcement before I actually change the name, particularly since some of you have been following my blog more or less since the beginning! Until the name changes, I’m not going to announce it, but rather provide a head’s up that some changes are in the works!

The new name isn’t particularly meaningful, but I wanted to rename the blog in a way that would (I feel) more accurately reflect the content that I am writing or want to write, in the sense that it would broaden the focus from strictly “homestead” to country life or the country spirit in general. I have no idea what the future holds, so broadening it in this way would potentially allow for future changes that God could bring. At least, this is the goal of changing the name. It will also be a way to unify a few of my different pursuits, since I am in the process of launching a photography business and will before too long be sharing my website/portfolio officially. And since I also am officially teaching piano, a name change on this site would allow me to unify all three of those things endeavors, to a certain extent, as far as “creating a brand” goes. It would be nice to be able to direct people or potential clients to similar websites, rather than three completely unrelated ones. So keep a look out for that change…Other than the name, nothing else will be different for now.

Thanks to all who read this blog and for being a reason to continue to write! Your feedback is encouraging, and, speaking for probably all bloggers, it always gives a boost to the day!

Looking forward to seeing where things continue to go!


One thought on “Change is in the Air

  1. Laura, enjoyed reading about your coming change. True, I have enjoyed your writing, an I’m on board for your coming changes. You are a very talented, kind, and friendly young lady. Proud to also call you one of my Huff cousins! Best wishes in your new ventures!


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