Spring’s First Wildflowers

It sometimes seems that Springtime has arrived at the door but hesitates to enter. The door is open and fresh breezes blow in, bringing the fragrance of the new season, but Spring just waits outside, biding her time.
IMG_4297In spite of the winter weather we’ve had (interspersed with warmer days), we know spring has arrived when the pasqueflower finally decides to bloom. Dad and I took a picnic lunch over to Falling Rock today, where I had heard rumours of pasques beginning their blooming. Sure enough, we found them. Not many, although I’m sure there were many more, but before we could comb the area above the canyon more thoroughly, a brisk cloudburst opened up and didn’t seem likely to quit anytime soon! We left before we could get soaked. IMG_4272eI don’t know what it is about the little flowers that is so enchanting – Perhaps it is their evasive, reticent nature, and how entirely ephemeral they are. They spring up as joyous heralds of Springtime, and fade again as quickly. They are like little gems, and finding one is a delightful thrill! I am looking forward to hiking more this weekend, and finding more of these glorious jewels. IMG_4284eGod’s Creation wonders never cease to amaze me. The first wildflowers of the year.

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