A Hike Just Wouldn’t Be Complete…

IMG_1075In all the hiking I’ve done, I’ve gotten my share of ticks on me – However, I’m always quite vigilant and brush them off before they can embed. Not so today. We got back from a hike and had just sat down to dinner when I found the first one on my wrist, of all places, stuck tight. Found another on my other arm. Dad singed both of those ticks off without much ado, even though I was completely disgusted. All of us did tick checks and let the friends we had hiked with know, so they could check for ticks as well. Just a friendly head’s up. After dinner, I started thinking about my head. Mom kindly did a scalp check, which brought back lice memories, and, sure enough, there was a third. I wasn’t too excited when Dad brought over the box of matches to singe that one off!

No one else had any. I guess I was the lucky one. A hike just wouldn’t be complete without ticks.

Laura Elizabeth

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