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We spent the morning working on the Miner’s Cabin, and as I was taking a few things down to the crawlspace of our log cabin, I nearly ran into this spider’s web! She was building her web in the corner of the crawlspace door, near the light switch (so I almost put my hand right into her web), and the web stretched to the middle of the door (so I almost put my head right into her web). Definitely startled me.


Once I got her on a stick and called the family out to see our first black widow, Sarah grabbed her camera and snapped a few pictures of her. What an amazing creature – Black as ebony, with the startling red hourglass on her abdomen, just like in the science books.

We might just need to fumigate the crawlspace after this.

Laura Elizabeth



2 thoughts on “Findings | Lovely lady

    • They’re native to both of the states where I’ve lived, but I’ve never seen one until today! Her web sure was strong – It took a bit to get her out of it.

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