Big kitty

DSCN1092.1We’ve got lions down on Battle Creek! This is nothing new–We’ve known it for awhile, guessed it for even longer than that. There are reasons we’ve got a place we call the Mountain Lion Cave. But I finally collected photographic proof of their prowling down near the Cave.

Because of all the rain we got, Battle Creek flowed through this canyon all summer, finally going underground about 100 yards upstream from this place sometime in the last week or so. There’s a pool of stagnant water into which the creek is pouring, but the water stops there.

DSCN1082.1But downstream, near the ravine where our Mountain Lion Cave is, there is a cliff face and a little pool beneath left in the muddy creekbed. There in the black mud, all around this pool and intermixed with coon prints, were dozens of cat prints. There would appear to be multiple cats, maybe a baby, since there appeared to be a few different sizes of prints.

DSCN1080.1Likely, the cats are living in one of the many caves and holes that pock the entire canyon. Wouldn’t it be exciting to see one!

Laura Elizabeth


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