May | In Hindsight

DSCN0251.1We’ve had it all in the merry month of May–Blizzards, torrential downpours, summer heat, floods…Everything is sure green now. The grass is tall and ticks have come out of hiding. Mosquitoes have come out of hiding. Spiders have come out of hiding. Crickets are taking up creative residences, such as inside the stuffed deer head on the wall in the Miner’s Cabin.

It was a good month. It really was. From going to my second branding to starting work at the Mercantile, to the endless hours of sewing I’ve done, the time spent with family, and the new friends we’ve made, May was a good month. I still have moments when I realize with a shock that I’m in South Dakota, the place my heart has loved since I was a child.

Cattle work has come to a close for the summer–And since I’m working four days a week at the Mercantile, my ranch duties are watering baby trees and mowing. Which means I learned to drive a zero-turn mower! It got me some ribbing from some of the men who work on the ranch, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

The Mercantile is going well, and I have really come to appreciate good fabric. I’ve always loved beautiful fabric, but now I’m working with really good fabric constantly, and there is something to it…

Most of my free time is spent out in the homesteader cabin, sewing away on doll clothes. Coming soon is an Etsy shop and actually getting the clothes up on the internet!

There come moments, like they do to all of us, where life seems bleak or frustrating, or when things aren’t quite going the way I had planned. But God knows, and He is faithful. He teaches us, moment by moment, if we have the ears to hear. And I’m learning about letting go of my plans, to find out what God actually has planned, which is always far better than anything I could imagine. And I have a pretty good imagination.

Laura Elizabeth



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