Winter Wonderland

DSCN0251.1 This was the transformed world I woke to this morning. It was in the 80s last weekend, and this morning it was a wonderland of snow. And in May! The green of new leaves was faint, but still visible under the snow. Trees were heavy with it. The air flew with it. We got about a foot of snow, which was actually less than forecast potential. I suppose that’s a good thing, but I kind of wanted to see what two feet of snow was really like. Maybe I’ve experienced more than a foot of snow before, but I can’t remember it.

DSCN0250.1There were dainty signs of tiny rodent visitors outside our door this morning. Good thing Anna has her kittens. Perhaps they can learn to keep the mouse population down…They show promise of mousing capabilities. I’m afraid the dog does absolutely nothing to keep mice at bay, in spite of her house being right next to the door. And yes, the mouse prints went alongside her dog house.

I took a little trek just around the cabins as soon as I got up this morning. The weather has been so warm lately, there wasn’t much winter gear immediately available for a longer trek, so I wasn’t really dressed for it, but it didn’t matter–Somehow, beautiful, snowy scenery at least momentarily suspends the feelings of cold. Or at least I think it does.

DSCN0254.1The lilacs were encased in snow and bent far over, but they didn’t appear to be permanently damaged. After the snow fell off this afternoon, they stood right back up and didn’t look any the worse for the snow. Such pretty little buds. I hope they bloom.

Today being Sunday, and church being cancelled, we did church at home and sang some hymns, then had a little Mother’s Day celebration for the best mum in the world. The rest of her present will get here Wednesday or Thursday–I’m afraid time caught up with us this Mother’s Day, in spite of us pretty much deciding on her present a month in advance!

DSCN0262.1The little Miner’s Cabin was practically buried in snow, or at least looked it from one side. Blankets hung up in the doorways really helped keep the living room warmer. A few of the windows have settled in the walls, leaving a 1/2 inch gap or so on top of one of the window frames. That definitely contributes to the draft. But the blankets help. Now we just need a bigger space heater…Or the stove. That would be even better.

DSCN0273.1The snowy glory is already fading, unfortunately–The temperatures are supposed to be in the 40s tomorrow, I believe, and even higher later in the week. The driveway is a slushy mess, but where the snow is sticking, it is still beautiful. The roads are fine, so we’ll all be able to go to work tomorrow, and there was little damage done to trees around the place, so my uncle will be glad of that! Fewer trees down, fewer fences all ripped up.

And I thought that by arriving in March we had missed all the winter weather for the season! Apparently not.

Laura Elizabeth

2 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. Amazing to see snow this late in the year :0) Here in the mountains of the Northeast, the heat has visited us for a long while. No Spring really…just heat šŸ˜¦ have a blessed day! mari


    • It was amazing for us as well! In Illinois, we’d be amazed to have an April snowstorm, or snow at all. But this late in the year…It won’t stick very long, though, that’s for sure. ~Laura Elizabeth

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