Playing in the dirt

DSCN0239.1Spring comes late to the Black Hills, but it is impossible to suppress the signs! We’re starting to think about planting, and have a large, beautiful garden to plant in. Back in Illinois, our garden was probably a quarter of the size of this one, pretty crowded, and (due to insufficient fencing) often fell victim to the local squirrel, rabbit, and coon populations.

DSCN0241.1 Already we’re seeing some pansies, hyacinths, and a smattering of frost-bitten daffodils and tulips. They were a little over-eager, I suppose.

Looking forward to seeing what else comes up in our new garden. Gotta love new dirt to play in. Or to watch my mom and sister play in.  Laura Elizabeth

3 thoughts on “Playing in the dirt

  1. Sweet Laura, This uncovers another of your many talents, one I wasn’t even aware of. You’re such a beautiful spirit, I’m thankful you’re open to listen to God’s direction and will continue to bless many for years to come. You’ll be able to save these and publish for a daybook, or book of stories someday. Continued blessings to you.


    • Bonnie, you and David are such wonderful people and were a pleasure to work with on Sound of Music. I miss you both!


      • I’m so enjoying your writing, it’s really a gift. I pray you find your direction and are able to share blessings with more and more people.


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